Our content management system is a web based software as a service solution. This means that every website that uses our content management system uses the same web based interface.

This allows us to constantly develop the service and deliver new features quickly and cost effectively for all clients. It also means that much of the costly development has already been done and allows us to add content management at an affordable price.

Easy to use Web Interface

3 Legs CMS uses a simple to use web based interface to manager the content on your website. This means that you can use and computer to maintain your website from anywhere in the world. Simply login, edit and publish.

Choice of Modules

Our content management is scalable so you can choose which parts of the website you want under content management and our pricing scales according to the modules you choose. The range of module allow you to add specific functionality to your website in a quick and affordable manner. We can also produce custom modules for specific aspects of your website.

Powerful Templating Engine

Our CMS works on the basis of you maintain the content for the various parts of the website while our template engine builds the HTML pages for your website ensuring that all pages maintain a common look and feel. When we setup your account we will include templates for the various modules which are then wrapped in the design code for your website. This approach allows you to focus on the content of the pages and not have to worry about the design.

Add to any site

Since our service is a software as a service solution it can be added to any website to either manage part or all of the website. There is no software to install on the hosting server so any hosting package can be used. You can also use our CMS in conjunction with our Web Cart service to provide a powerful e-commerce solution.